Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Tracked in soot from wild fires

Soot was tracked all over this home while the family were packing their things. They were evacuated and were not worried about the soot damage. SERVPRO of North Hollywood cleaned up their home for them.

Aftermath of Wildfire

A wildfire left the inside of this home covered in a fine ash. SERVPRO of North Hollywood used professional cleaning equipment to clean it up and deodorized the home making them good as new. 

Wild Fire Clean up

The team at SERVPRO can clean up after any type of disaster.  The debris from the storm and water loss was significant after the wild fire. They can bring in equipment for the right kind of job. 

Restoration after Wild Fire

SERVPRO can respond to any restoration emergency with fire, water, mold, or storm damage.  They arrived and quickly began clean up from disaster.  The water loss affected majority of the buildings.

Storm Damage And Water Intrusion

It's never an easy job to clean up after a storm.  Our first reaction is to get all the towels we can find to soak up the water.  But sometimes there are not enough towels in this world to clean it all up.   Other times the damage from the water intrusion is more than a little water on the floor.  If water damage is not caught in time the walls and floors can be permanently damaged if not remediated quickly and properly.   

The technicians at SERVPRO of Noth Hollywood are trained to thoroughly clean up water and diagnose any further damages as a result of the intrusion.

Call us today for today. We're here to help! (818) 754-0050

Storm Damaged Windows and Walls

A crack in the stucco around a poorly installed window caused water to creep in and make its way into the wall in the room below.

When there are wet cracks or swells in your walls during a rain storm. that is a sure sign of water damage. SERVPRO of North Hollywood can assist you with the remediation and repairs. (818) 754-0050

Storm Water Intrusion

As seen in this photo, a combination of rain and wind caused water to come in the house from under a door.  

Water can enter your home many different ways.  When it's time to clean up.  SERVPRO of North Hollywood is here to help. (818)754-0050